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Renovating block paving

Posted on 03rd Feb 2011

Renovating existing block paving tends to follow a set of steps designed not only to clean the paving, but also to leave it in a strong position to protect the paving against future soiling.

  1. First, all weeds are removed.
  2. The joints are then cleaned using a stiff brush. A pressure washer can be used, however care should be taken so as not to damage the paving.
  3. The paving is then washed. 1st Impressions use our specialised machinery on your paving to clean the paving with excellent results.
  4. The paving is then allowed to dry.
  5. We then use filling material to fill the joints in the block paving which helps to retain the look of the paving, and also helps to stop weeds growing through the joints.
  6. Once the joints are filled correctly the paving is swept to finish the job.